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Introducing the Otto Education Australia Bronze Package

Your Comprehensive Solution for a Seamless Transition Down Under!


Embark on your Australian adventure with confidence and ease with our Bronze Package. Tailored to meet the essential needs of working holiday makers, this package ensures a smooth transition to the Land Down Under.


What's included in the Bronze Package:


  • WHV Application (Valued at Au$ 635.00):

Simplify the Working Holiday Visa (WHV) application process with our expert assistance, ensuring you meet all requirements for a successful application.


  • Welcome Guide:

A comprehensive guide to help you navigate and settle into Australian life seamlessly. From cultural tips to practical advice, this guide is your go-to resource for a smooth transition.


  • Medicare Support:

Access Australia's healthcare system confidently with our Medicare support, guiding you through the necessary steps to obtain your health insurance coverage.


  • Bank Account:

Establishing your financial foundation is easy with our support in setting up a local bank account, making managing your finances hassle-free.


  • TFN Support:

Obtain your Tax File Number (TFN) efficiently with our assistance, ensuring you comply with Australian tax regulations from the start.


  • Pre-Departure Consultation:

Get expert advice on preparing for your journey, covering everything from packing essentials to travel tips, ensuring you're ready for your Australian adventure.


  • ABN Application (If Required):

For those venturing into entrepreneurial pursuits, our package includes support for applying for an Australian Business Number (ABN).


  • Opal Card:

Navigate public transportation system effortlessly with the included Opal Card, providing convenient access to buses, trains, and ferries. (Sydney Only)


  • SIM Card:

Stay connected from day one with a local SIM card, ensuring you have reliable communication throughout your stay. (Sydney Only)


  • First Accommodation Assistance:

Ease into your new surroundings with assistance in securing your first accommodation, making the initial days in Australia comfortable and stress-free.


The Otto Education Australia Bronze Package is your key to a worry-free start to your Australian journey. Trust us to handle the essentials, leaving you free to focus on making the most of your time in this vibrant and welcoming country.

Bronze WHV Package

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