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Unlock the pinnacle of support for your educational journey with the Otto Education Australia Gold Package – An Exclusive Suite of Services for an Enriched Australian Experience!


Going beyond the offerings of our Bronze and Silver Packages, the Gold Package is meticulously crafted to provide international students and working holidaymakers with a comprehensive and transformative experience in Australia. Immerse yourself in unparalleled support, ensuring you make the most of your time Down Under.


What's included in the Gold Package:


  • Everything from the Bronze and Silver Packages:

Enjoy the extensive benefits of both the Bronze and Silver Packages, covering crucial aspects of your journey, including WHV application (Valued at Au$ 635.00), Welcome Guide, CV Check, post-departure consultation, driving license translation, and more.


  • Migration Consultation:

Explore future opportunities in Australia with a personalized migration consultation. Our trusted partners from Otto Migration Services, who are Registered Migration Agents will guide you through potential pathways and visa options, providing valuable insights into long-term possibilities in this vibrant country.


  • 4 Weeks English Course:

Enhance your language skills and boost your confidence with a 4-week English course. Tailored to your proficiency level, this program ensures effective communication, making your academic and social interactions in Australia even more enriching.


  • Identification Skills Pathway:

Develop essential identification skills crucial for academic and professional success. This unique pathway equips you with the tools to navigate Australian academic and workplace environments effectively, fostering a seamless integration into the local community.


The Otto Education Australia Gold Package is the epitome of excellence, offering the best approach to your educational journey. From career readiness with a polished CV to migration insights, language enhancement, and identification skills development, we're dedicated to ensuring your experience in Australia is unparalleled. Choose the Gold Package for a transformative and enriching adventure Down Under!

Gold WHV Package

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