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Student Visa: The importance of the Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement

The most common reason for a Student Visa refusal is the lack of a strong genuine temporary entrant supporting statement that is, a written declaration stating that you are a genuine student who intends to stay in Australia temporarily to study.

This statement supports the integrity of your student visa application. When not well articulated it may compromise the successful outcome of a Student Visa application.

Meeting the genuine temporary entrant criteria is an essential part of your Student Visa application.

Factors such as your educational background, the reason for choosing Australia as opposed to other destinations or your home country, your career ambitions, and how the specific course of study helps you meet your goals must be well-argued and included in the statement.

If you are applying for a Student Visa and need support with your genuine temporary entrant statement, Otto Education Australia can help! We are PIER e MARA registered agents with 10 years of experience.


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