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WHV - Working Holiday Visa

If you came into Australia looking to work and explore, you’ve likely travelled in on a Working Holiday (subclass 417) or Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462.) Usually granted for 12 months, both the 417 and 462 visas allow you to enter and leave Australia during those 12 months, and to find employment in Australia.


There are some limitations and criteria you need to meet during those twelve months, especially if you’re looking to extend your stay!



You can’t work for one employer for more than 6 months in one location, the perfect excuse to try out a few jobs you’ve always been curious about



You can study for up to 4 months if you’re wanting to learn something new


Extending your stay

Your stay can be extended for up to two more years after conducting specified work in regional areas (doing 3 months of such work in your first year, and 6 months in your second)

What is the right visa for me?

The Australian Working Holiday Visa and the Australian Work and Holiday Visa are both programs designed to allow young individuals to temporarily live and work in Australia, but they differ in eligibility criteria and participating countries.


The Working Holiday Visa is available to citizens of a broader range of countries, typically aged 18 to 30, and allows them to engage in short-term employment and travel across Australia. 

Participating countries and Eligibility criteria:

Belgium – 18 to 30 years Canada – 18 to 35 years Republic of Cyprus - 18 to 30 years Denmark - 18 to 35 years Estonia - 18 to 30 years Finland - 18 to 30 years France - 18 to 35 years Germany - 18 to 30 years Hong Kong - 18 to 30 years Republic of Ireland - 18 to 35 years Italy - 18 to 35 years Japan - 18 to 30 years Republic of Korea - 18 to 30 years Malta - 18 to 30 years Netherlands - 18 to 30 years Norway - 18 to 30 years Sweden - 18 to 30 years Taiwan (other than an official or diplomatic passport) - 18 to 30 years UK - 18 to 35 years

On the other hand, the Work and Holiday Visa is usually available to a more limited set of countries, requires applicants to be aged 18 to 30, and often includes additional requirements such as higher English language proficiency.

Participating countries:

Argentina Austria Brazil Chile China, People's Republic of Czech Republic Ecuador Greece Hungary Indonesia Israel Luxembourg Malaysia Mongolia Papua New Guinea (PNG) Peru Poland Portugal San Marino Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Switzerland Thailand Türkiye Uruguay United States of America Vietnam

Need more info?

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