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Indulge in the ultimate support and enrichment for your educational voyage with the Otto Education Australia Platinum Package – A Luxurious Array of Services for an Unparalleled Australian Experience!


Crafted for discerning individuals seeking a truly comprehensive and transformative journey, the Platinum Package is the epitome of excellence. Elevate every aspect of your stay in Australia with an exclusive suite of services designed to ensure your success and comfort throughout your time Down Under.


What's included in the Platinum Package:


  • Everything from the Bronze Package:

Relish in the full suite of offerings provided by the Bronze Package, covering essential services such as WHV application (Valued at Au$ 635.00), Welcome Guide, Medicare support, and more, laying a strong foundation for your Australian adventure.


  • CV Check:

Shine in the competitive job market with a professionally curated CV. Our experts will meticulously review and enhance your resume, accentuating your skills and experiences for maximum impact.


  • Post Departure Consultation:

Extend your support beyond arrival with a post-departure consultation. Address any queries or concerns that may arise as you settle into your new surroundings, ensuring continuous assistance throughout your stay.


  • Driving License Translation:

Seamlessly navigate Australian roads by obtaining a translated version of your driving license. Our support ensures that your driving qualifications are recognized, enabling you to explore the country with ease.


  • Migration Consultation:

Chart your long-term journey in Australia with a personalized migration consultation. Our trusted partners from Otto Migration Services, who are Registered Migration Agents will guide you through potential pathways and visa options, offering invaluable insights into future opportunities.


  • 12 Weeks English Course:

Immerse yourself in a transformative 12-week English course tailored to enhance your language proficiency. This program is designed to bolster your communication skills, promoting academic and social success in your Australian environment.


  • Identification Skills Pathway:

Acquire essential identification skills crucial for success in academic and professional realms. This specialized pathway equips you with the tools needed to navigate Australian institutions and workplaces seamlessly, fostering integration into the local community.


The Otto Education Australia Platinum Package is a testament to opulence, offering a holistic approach to your educational journey. From career readiness with a polished CV to migration insights, extended language enhancement, and advanced identification skills development, embark on a truly extraordinary adventure Down Under with the Platinum Package. Choose excellence; choose the Platinum Package.

Platinum WHV Package

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