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Elevate your Australian experience with the Otto Education Australia Silver Package – Unrivaled Support for Your Educational Journey!


Building upon the comprehensive offerings of the Bronze Package, our Silver Package takes your transition to Australia to the next level. Designed for working holiday makers who seek additional support and a holistic approach, this package ensures that every aspect of your stay is covered.


What's included in the Silver Package:


  • Everything from the Bronze Package:

Enjoy the benefits of the Bronze Package, encompassing essential services such as WHV application (Valued Au$ 635.00), Welcome Guide, Medicare support, and more, providing you with a solid foundation for your time in Australia.


  • CV Check:

Stand out in the competitive Australian job market with a professional CV. Our experts will review and enhance your resume to highlight your strengths, experiences, and skills, giving you a competitive edge in your job search.


  • Post Departure Consultation:

Your journey doesn't end upon arrival – it's just the beginning. Benefit from a post-departure consultation to address any questions or concerns you may have after settling in, ensuring ongoing support throughout your time in Australia.


  • Driving License Translation:

Navigate the Australian roads with ease by obtaining a translated version of your driving license. Our package includes assistance in ensuring your driving qualifications are recognized, allowing you to explore the country at your own pace.


The Otto Education Australia Silver Package is the epitome of comprehensive support for working holiday makers. From career readiness with a polished CV to continued guidance post-arrival and assistance with driving privileges, we're committed to enhancing every facet of your Australian experience. Choose the Silver Package for a transformative journey Down Under!

Silver WHV Package

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