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Melbourne exits a record lockdown of 9 months.

Melbourne emerges from a nightmare that lasted nine months: since midnight the big Australian city has emerged from 262 days of anti Covid-19 lockdown, imposed in six times since March 2020: the longest in the world, which beats the previous record detained from Buenos Aires, which had totaled 234 days. The announcement was made last Sunday by the premier of the state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, when the city passed the milestone of 70% of its population fully vaccinated (89% received at least one dose), compared with 65%. of the rest of the state.

"Today is a day when Victorians can be proud of what they have done," Andrews said in the evening as the deadline approached. In the city of almost 5 million inhabitants there is no longer a night curfew, there is no longer any need for one of the six codified reasons to leave the house, you can visit the homes of relatives or friends up to ten people, they reopen non-essential shops, hairdressers and beauty salons with limited admissions, pupils can resume attending school even if part-time and up to 15 people can meet outdoors.

Pubs, restaurants and clubs reopen. However, it will not be possible to travel to the rest of the state of Victoria yet.


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